Technology and Safety

Gaia invests in innovation and has professionals in its team who develop the best technology to produce the best equipment. All thinking about the safety of the practitioner.

No limits and restrictions

Our equipment is for everyone and to be used anywhere. With easy installation, our equipment can be easily removed or in many cases it is collapsible and can be transported in our exclusive bags.

Beauty and movement

Gaia develops its products inspired by Pole Dance movements, all lightness and beauty. In this way, the result is reflected in the practitioners who use Gaia Pole today.

Connection and relationship

For Gaia, the most important thing is the connection of our clients with Pole Dance, with their unique moment with themselves. For the Gaia Pole experience to be unforgettable, one of our pillars is the relationship with our customers.

Gaia Lovers

We are more than 8000 Gaialovers around the world. In addition, we have more than
100,000 people active in our relationship channels, who are part of our movement



I had been planning to buy a pole for a while. I researched several brands, I even talked with pole dancers from other regions. I did a LOT of research and my best choice was Gaia. I took advantage of Black Friday deals and it was super worth it. I always received really nice attention and I was very impressed with how fast they delivered in a well done packaging. It was worth it to invest in my Gaia!

Nina Cunha

Having a Pole at home allows me to do complementary exercises to my classes in the studio. I have a Gaia Pole All in One and the fact that it is a Gaia product gives me a lot of security. My national pole is in the same level of the most famous pole on the market. And actually I think mine it's better, the easy installation and the fast and easy way to lock and unlock the pole are some reasons that make me think that way. As a Brazilian I am very proud of Gaia. Congratulations!

Gaia Studios

Having a Gaia Pole in your studio means that you really care about your students’ experience,
and will enable you to provide excellence in the field of pole dancing, attracting more
students, instructors, making memories and therefore, increasing your profit.

Gaia Events

Gaia Pole supports and invests in the growth of Pole Dance.
We take part in most of the events helds in Brazil, and soon, with your help, worldwide.
Check out the latest events that we have been to.

Encontro BR Pole Dance e Aereos


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Data: 15/06/2023

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